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 Computing With Kids

 About Us
Computing With Kids is a weekly online magazine. Every week the magazine's content is published online on a password-protected website and emailed to our subscribers. The magazine provides reviews of children's software, video games, websites, and smart toys. It issues BEST PICK Awards for the outstanding products in each category. Subscribers to Computing With Kids can search these reviews on the magazine's website. Click here to read a sample weekly edition.

Jinny Gudmundsen, a nationally recognized children's software expert, edits Computing With Kids. Jinny writes a syndicated newspaper column for USAToday.com and the Gannett print newspapers. She was the editor of Choosing Children's Software magazine and she has co-authored the book The Parent's Pocket Guide to Kids & Computers. Jinny has also been a kid-tech columnist for the Los Angeles Times and the San Jose Mercury News. She frequently appears on television and radio as a children's technology expert.

If you want to receive this weekly magazine in your email box, then sign up by clicking here. Computing With Kids will be delivered to your email on Fridays.

Evaluation Process:

All products reviewed by this magazine have undergone a comprehensive evaluation process. Each product is subjected to a thorough analysis by a professional reviewer, and when appropriate, kid-tested. The product is then rated on a 5 star scale.

To arrive at a star rating, we use a weighted evaluation instrument that looks at the following factors in this order of importance:
  • Educational Factor: we look at all aspects of the product in terms of how well it delivers educational content

  • Fun Factor: we determine if children will consider a title fun to play at first and over a longer time span

  • Usability Factor: we look to ease of installation and use of the product

  • Value Factor: we consider how the cost relates to what the product delivers

  • Techie Factor: we consider the product's overall technology features and how well those features integrate within the product.
What the Star Ratings Mean:

Star Rating Word Descriptor
Five Stars Outstanding
Four and a Half Stars Very Good
Four Stars Good
Three and a Half Stars Average
Three Stars Below Average
Two and a Half Stars Don't Bother
Two Stars Don't Bother
One and a Half Stars Don't Bother
One Star Don't Bother
Half Star Don't Bother